SMSF Mastery: Online Video Series

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Smsf mastery: Online video series


SMSF Mastery Online Video Learning modules are structured via 4 broad categories:

  • SMSF Fundamentals
  • SMSF Strategies
  • SMSF Estate Planning
  • SMSF Investing


SMSF fundamentals – as the name suggests – covers the fundamental issues you need to be aware of to effectively structure your SMSF to fit your needs, and to remain a compliant fund.

The topics we will cover in this section include:

  • Understanding the key pieces of the SMSF puzzle
  • The basics of what an SMSF is and is not
  • What are your responsibilities as a SMSF trustee
  • Should you have a corporate trustee or have individual trustees
  • Should you have pooled or segregated assets
  • What are reserves and should you use them ?
  • key issues with trust deeds
  • Other key documents such as your written investment strategy,derivatives risk statement, and binding death benefit nomination
  • what is the sole purpose test and what are the investment restrictions
  • trading and the use of derivatives in a smsf
  • borrowing in a smsf
  • your Annual administration, ATO return, and audit responsibilities
  • and areas of ATO focus and directives that trustees need to be aware of


This is all about how to use the incentives in the superannuation and taxation laws to optimise your outcomes.

In fact you could almost call this “tax strategies” because that is
really what it mostly comes down to. The key area’s of SMSF strategies

  • the lifecycle of a smsf (this graphic helps you understand where strategies fit in)
  • pre-retirement or contribution strategies
  • transition to retirement strategies
  • post retirement strategies
  • and Estate planning issues and strategies


This is all about how to ensure that your wishes for your SMSF are carried out in the event of your death. We’ll cover:

  • binding death benefit nominations
  • choices in terms of how benefits can be paid and to whom
  • tax consequences of various beneficiaries
  • insurance for funding your plan
  • and an example plan


This section is the one that has the potential to make the biggest difference to your overall outcome. In this section we cover:

  • establishing a prudent investment process through 6 key steps.
  • The key asset classes and their characteristics
  • setting the fund’s asset allocation benchmarks
  • portfolio weightings for sample portfolios
  • incorporating strategic asset allocation adjustments and risk management, and the tools that can be used to do this
  • an investment selection process for each asset class
  • and a specific investment process for retirement portfolios

Then, at the very end, we will pull everything together into one graphic that summarises everything you have learned, which will solidify it in your mind to enable you to move forward with optimising your SMSF.

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