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SMSF Education


In Australia, superannuation is without doubt one of the key pillars of our financial system, with around $2.8 trillion dollars invested in super as at March 2019.

Over the past two decades, self managed superannuation funds (also known as SMSFs) have grown enormously, to the point where they are now the largest single piece of the superannuation pie with around $750 billion in funds.

There are now around 600,000 funds with over 1.2 million individual members.

However, whilst the number of SMSFs have grown substantially, this growth has necessitated the need for more substantial education for trustees and members.


Why do you need it?

Two Reasons:

1. When you take on the role of trustee of a SMSF, you are also taking ultimate responsibility for the fund. This means you are responsible for ensuring the fund complies with all the superannuation laws and regulations, and also for the prudent management of the member’s funds.

2. In our experience, very few people actually maximise the benefits of the SMSF vehicle. There are many strategies that can be considered, based on your stage of life and your objectives.

With this in mind, The SMSF Investor is pleased to present you with the the following free SMSF Education options:

SMSF Fundamentals

If you are just beginning in your SMSF journey, then this is where you start. SMSF Fundamentals will help you learn what an SMSF is, the benefit of these vehicles, and how to set one up. It’ll take you through the issues you need to think about before you start, and your trustee obligations. One of those obligations is completing annual administration obligations, and we’ll show you the various options to get that done and to avoid the pitfalls.


SMSF Setup & Annual Admin Tips

Establishing your SMSF can be a relatively simple exercise, and does not need to be complicated if you can follow a series of steps. Likewise, the annual administration of your fund can be fairly painless if you are organised. For both however, there are a number of issues to be considered that are generally not well known. We’ll take you through those so you can make some educated choices right from the start.


SMSF Strategy Guide: online library

Our SMSF Strategy Guide is our online, written library of technical information that enables you to look up what you are allowed to do under the superannuation laws, and what strategies you can implement. It is organised according to the lifecycle of a SMSF, and so its easy to find what you are looking for. Plus, it’s written in plain English, so you can actually understand it.


SMSF Mastery: online video series

Mastery is defined as having “comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject”, and our online video learning seeks to give you just that. It goes well beyond the usual basic stuff you see out there about SMSFs, and provides you with a practical framework within which to create a high quality SMSF for you and your family, that can last generations into the future. This is done by optimising the 8 key areas of your self managed super fund.


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