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  • Go beyond the news headlines
  • Find out what is really driving financial markets and asset classes.

Market insights, from below the surface

Access our insights to understand the key drivers of financial markets, investment assets and the ebb and flow of the global economy. The interplay between global economics and financial markets is often poorly understood, with many myths continually trotted out by the media and by mainstream commentators and analysts when trying to explain market movements.

Our Global Macro Research (which is NOT the same as Macroeconomics) goes deeper than mere “surface” events that often have little to do with real trends, to uncover how these economic forces are affecting financial markets and asset classes.

Always current, real trends

At Lonsec, we do it differently.

We are not interested in tweets, or surface news, or how things “feel”. What we are mostly interested in is time-series data. We use a forward looking econometric framework, which focuses on not just the economic data, but more importantly the direction and rate at which that data is changing, and the cross market correlations that provide us with the highest probability outcomes based on historical analysis.

By using a multi factor, multi model process that is robust and repeatable, we are able to take a seemingly random and chaotic beast such as the stock market (or the bond market for that matter), and make a lot more sense out of what it is doing and the outlook for the coming period.

A comprehensive overview of market volatililty and risk

Gain a much better understanding of the level of “risk” currently built into investment markets, to apply better risk management and decision making process to achieve better investment outcomes.

Our job is to do the analysis, and provide our members with actionable guidance in a careful, considered manner based on the evidence – not the emotion – and in an easy to understand manner.

Don’t get caught behind the curve when markets get very volatile in economic downturns and recessions – use our Global Macro Research to risk-manage your portfolio today.

Cut through the noise with real analysis

Get your exclusive access to award winning, institutional-quality invesment research, previously only available to advisers and investment professionals.


A clear picture of what’s really driving markets


Deeper analysis and insights to establish a complete market and risk profile


Forward thinking and guidance of future, financial market conditions

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