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Unparalleled breadth and depth of qualitative research

With input from over 60 investment research professionals, Lonsec’s investment research gives you access to unparalleled breadth and depth of research, covering global macro markets, ASX 200 stocks, hybrids, ETFs, LICs, traditional managed funds, and alternative investments.

Our objective is to empower SMSF trustees with strategic, implementable investment research, delivered through the timely publication of in-depth reports and updated advisories.

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Portfolio Strategy Research

Cut through the noise of both the markets and the mainstream financial media to give you a clear picture of what is really driving markets. Financial media just jumps from news item to news item, with very shallow analysis of what is going on underneath, which provides no predictive value.

Access real analysis based on an econometric framework that provides forward-looking, actionable guidance on the highest probabilities of future financial market conditions to help you take advantage of opportunity, and to pro-actively manage risk.

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ASX 200 Stock Research

Never miss an opportunity with a full ASX 200 share coverage and bespoke valuations. Access our analyst research on ASX 200 shares updated daily, including bottom-up analysis of key holdings of many SMSFs

You can also gain a comprehensive assessment of the intrinsic (or “fair”) value of each stock, and whether the stock is currently under or over valued, and receive daily updates via the Morning Report on the latest research updates & corporate actions, so you can move quickly to capture value.

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Hybrids have been a popular investment choice for many SMSF investors over the years, with their significantly higher income yield compared to cash deposits. However this higher yield comes at the cost of higher risk and much higher complexity.

Our research, reports and recommendations are dedicated to ensure that our members understand the risks and make informed decisions when investing in this complex instrument.

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ETFs, LICs and LITs

The ASX is no longer just all about stocks. It also includes Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and Listed Investment Trusts (LITs).

Lonsec provides detailed research and ratings covering 144 ETF products listed on the ASX as well as extensive coverage of LIC & LIT products based on our specialised research methodology.

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Managed Funds Research

Our Managed Funds (including mFunds listed on the ASX) research is the most expansive review coverage in the country, including Australian and global equities, diversified, listed property, infrastructure, and fixed interest.

Our Fund Reviews represent an objective assessment of the fund’s ability to meet its stated objectives, allowing you to understand the key factors impacting performance. We also commit to a physical, on-site assessment of the fund’s people and processes, giving you a first-hand view of how the fund operates.

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