Investment Philosophy & Process

Invest in high quality investments, while managing downside risk.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Process

The three pillars of portfolio construction

Investment ​philosophy & process

Lonsec’s investment philosophy is simply this :

To invest in high quality investments, while managing downside risk.


​​Easy to say, but much harder to do, and to be successful at it requires significant breadth and depth of research capabilities, along with experienced risk management skills.

Above all, it requires firstly a clear articulation of what investment philosophy you are following.

Secondly, it requires a clear investment process, that is both repeatable and not subject to “feel” or emotion.

And thirdly, it requires certain pillars of portfolio construction to ensure it all comes together the way it should.

Watch these short videos to the left to learn more about Lonsec’s investment philosophy, investment process, and portfolio construction methodology.

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