Listed Conservative Model Portfolio


  • A more conservative, diversified model portfolio of ASX listed investments, with a higher tilt towards defensive assets vs growth assets.
  • Includes high quality, large cap Australian shares, plus ETFs covering global shares, property & infrastructure, fixed interest, and cash.
  • Solid long term performance.
5 yr Performance graph

What is it?

The Listed Conservative Model Portfolio is our diversified portfolio for SMSF investors that wish to invest in a more conservative combination of both growth and defensive assets. This includes a smaller allocation to high quality, larger cap stocks listed on the ASX, along with other vehicles listed on the ASX (such as ETFs) that provide exposure to other asset classes such as International shares, property & infrastructure, and fixed interest. It has an enviable track record of long term performance.​

The portfolio will have a long-term average exposure of around 40% to growth assets and around 60% to defensive assets, however the allocations will be actively managed within the allowable ranges depending on market conditions.

Portfolio Objective

To deliver a more conservative mix of both income and capital growth over the medium to long term by investing in a range of asset classes via ASX-listed investment vehicles (such as shares and ETFs). The portfolio aims to outperform the performance benchmark over a period of five years or more.

Portfolio strategy

Lonsec’s Listed Conservative Model portfolio consists of a combination of an allocation to large cap Australian Shares via Lonsec’s Core Shares portfolio, along with a selection of ASX-listed ETF’s to access other asset classes.​

In Australian shares, Lonsec focuses on the twin factors of “quality” and “value”, and is the back-bone of Lonsec’s ‘Quality-at-a-Reasonable-Price’ or QARP investment style.

For the other asset classes such as International shares, property, infrastructure, fixed interest, and diversified income, Lonsec uses it’s deep research capabilities in exchange traded funds to provide the recommended investments.

Overlaid on top of this is Lonsec’s strategic asset allocation process that actively monitors the appropriate allocations based on market conditions.

Total Returns1yr%3yr %pa5yr %pa7yr %pa10yr% pa
Conservative Model0.884.465.274.966.81
As at 31/05/2022
Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Performance does not include franking credits, or other taxes or possible transaction costs . Performance is notional in nature and the actual performance of individual portfolios may differ to the performance of the Model.

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