Investment Portfolios

Grow your SMSF with either DIY models or fully managed portfolios


Investment portfolios for both DIY investors, and for those looking for a fully managed solution

Even with all the best individual asset research, it can be very difficult for individual investors to then construct and manage a well thought out, diversified investment portfolio that targets a specific outcome.

Lonsec’s Investment Portfolios fill this gap by providing a range of solutions.

From DIY investors who just want a list of recommended assets across various portfolios, to those who are at the stage of life where they want a fully managed professional solution, we have you covered.

And for Retirees, there are specially designed portfolios that cater for specific retiree needs.

Our Investment Philosophy

Lonsec’s investment philosophy is simply this :

To invest in high quality investments, while managing downside risk.

​​Easy to say, but much harder to do, and to be successful at it requires significant breadth and depth of research capabilities, along with experienced risk management skills.

Above all, it requires firstly a clear articulation of what investment philosophy you are following.

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DIY Model Portfolios

DIY Model portfolios provide you with a recommended list of investments that you can then implement (either fully or partly) via your own trades in your own SMSF trading account.

​Lonsec’s professional investment management team uses our research team’s “best ideas” to construct portfolios for a variety of different objectives and risk tolerances.

Model portfolios are available on ASX listed shares and ETFs across mid cap growth stocks, large cap stocks, income stocks, hybrids, and diversified portfolios.

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Fully Managed Portfolios

There can sometimes come a point in the lifecycle of a SMSF where you just don’t want to do all the investing yourself anymore, and you’d rather just have it all done for you.

Lonsec is a specialist, experienced portfolio manager, using our long standing knowledge and expertise in portfolio construction. Our managed portfolios take away all the hassle of “doing it all yourself”, whilst encapsulating all the best ideas from our extensive, industry leading investment research.

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