Portfolio Construction

Constructing your portfolio for your goals

Portfolio Construction

Bringing it all together

In the previous sections of our “Investment Education” series, we’ve discussed investment fundamentals such as investing for your goals, risk & return, diversification, and asset allocation. We’ve then looked at the basics of common investments, and the methods used to analyse these assets.

Portfolio construction is where it all comes together for the investor. As the name implies, it deals with how to construct a portfolio that fits your needs and goals, and brings together diversification, asset allocation, and investment selection.

Portfolio construction methods will differ, depending on the type of portfolio being created. For example, a growth oriented share portfolio will have a different process to that of a retiree portfolio, as the needs and goals are different.

Constructing a Retirement Portfolio

Lonsec firmly believe that portfolio construction for retirement is very different to the traditional model that most investors are exposed to.

More specifically, we believe that an “objectives-based” approach, covering the needs of income, growth, and risk control, is the best approach for this type of investor.

In this series, we’ll explain in detail how Lonsec goes about its portfolio construction process for it’s Retirement portfolios, to meet the very specific needs of retirees.

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