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Full research process

Full Research Process

For investors who would like to go through a more detailed look at how Lonsec goes about its investment research process across shares, ETFs, LIC/LITs, and managed funds, you can download & read Lonsec’s Research Process document here.

CLICK HERE to download now.

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Chart of the Week: how inflation will negatively affect the business cycle

One of the key themes of 2021 has been the return of inflation, after many years of absence. In fact, there would be an en...

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Gold trending higher and what’s driving it

Gold is one of those assets that has a lot of misinformation around it. It gets promoted by some as something to be held w...

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Hybrids / Listed Income Model Portfolio Changes

There has been a change to the Hybrids / Listed Income model portfolio. One of the Consumer Discretionary subordinated not...

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