Screenshot of Hybrids Research Table with Filter

Hybrids research data is provided via it’s own research table in the Members Research Portal, with a sample screenshot of this below. The default setting of the table is that around 40 Hybrids are listed in alphabetical order, however members can reduce this list using their research criteria via the use of the filters, and they can then arrange the order by clicking on the column of their choice (either ascending or descending order).


Members can then also download Hybrids “Listed Income” Viewpoint pdf reports by clicking on the graph icon in the Report column of the Hybrid they are interested in, to provide more analysis. These are a two-page summary research report which includes an overview of the security, key details, approved / not approved rating, risk rating, and commentary around the various risk categories of financial risk, structural risk, maturity risk, liquidity risk, industry risk, and volatility risk.
CLICK HERE for a sample.


Note: the screenshot below is not current data. Do not rely on this information for investment decisions. It is also truncated and does not show the full list of Hybrids available.

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