Becoming a better investor & SMSF trustee


Investment Education

Investment education is probably the most important skill you can develop if your goal is to grow your SMSF and build financial security. There is simply no alternative.

There is an old saying that the “best investment you can make is in yourself and your financial education”. We would concur with this sentiment, and we are therefore pleased to provide a range of investor education resources to assist you with your SMSF or self managed investment journey.

We have split this up into categories, where each one builds and leads onto the next. Whether you are new to investing or are an experienced hand, you’ll find something to help you on your way.

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SMSF Education

When you take on the role of trustee of a SMSF, you are also taking ultimate responsibility for the fund. This means you are responsible for ensuring the fund complies with all the superannuation laws and regulations, and also for the prudent management of the member’s funds.

In our experience, very few people actually maximise the benefits of the SMSF vehicle. There are many strategies that can be considered, based on your stage of life and your objectives.

With this in mind, The SMSF Investor is pleased to present you with a suite of free SMSF Education options.

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